Vectors...NO PROBLEM!

Guys, I have uploaded a series of 5 pdfs under Vectors in the Math Page. They are extracted directly off a math textbook. They are arranged in an ascending order of difficulty from simple vector definitions to the more difficult 3D vector calculations. Every definition, formula, equation is explained and is supported with examples questions, so it is straightforward. The 5 pdfs cover everything that we will be learning about vectors and much more. So, please feel free to use them as your reference for homework or test reviews. There are also exercise questions at the end of each chapter (pdf) in case you feel our homework is insufficient.... Anyhow, I hope you'd find them helpful! :) -Jack

General Vector Questions

Dot Product, Scalar Projection, Vector Projection Questions

Cramer's Rule Matrices
I've posted five sets of equations, try to solve them. I will be posting answers during the weekend. Andreas :-)

Limit Review Question

Here are the review questions for monday's quiz. Enjoy! (But not to much) :D - Sterling

*Answers will be posted soon