This is the page where we'll add everything we'll be learning about Calculus.
If we could add some information found in the exam study categories below, that would be nice.
I'll be adding some info on Derivatives from Trig and Log Functions later

Derivatives + Liebniz Notation or the's_notation (Wikipedia!)

Limit Rules (used for derivatives)

Derivative Rules (used for finding derivatives) This site has several graphical tutorials that show how changing certain values affects the derivative

Derivative Graphing Activity

Derivative Investigation

Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions (1)....(2).....(3) - some helpful sites

Derivatives of Logarithmic and Exponential Functions (1).....(2)....(3)

Guys, this website is extremely helpful for optimization it gives great hints and practice problems. Check it out!


Procedure for solving optimization problems
1) Identify the variables and constants in the problem and sketch a well-labelled diagram.
2) Express relationships among variables and constants as equations.
3) Construct an equation for the quantity, say Q, to be optimized.
4) Express the equation for Q in terms of one variable only, by using the equations relating variables and constants.
5) Find the critical numbers and test them.
6) Determine the required minimum or maximum value.
7) Check that the result satisfies any restrictions on the variables.


So far our list of things to work on for the exam (compressed) are here:
Limits - finding the limit of a function using first principles (h->0)
Derivatives from first principles, and of polynomial functions
Derivative Rules (Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Chain/Power of a Function Rule)
Derivatives of Trigonometric and Logarithmic Functions
Optimization Problems in volume and analytic scenarios