Here is the page that we will be updating with information about the bubble activity.

To begin, here is the recipe used:

Soap Bubble Recipe (Times 6)
· 1/2 cup Joy dishwashing soap or liquid dishwashing soap
· 5 cups water
· 2 tablespoons glycerine (from Drugstore)


1. Mix all three ingredients together.
2. Glycerine makes bubbles more resilient.
3. Make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners.
4. Don't throw the leftovers away, it gets better with age.
- Start with 2D frames such as circles, squares, triangles... How many bubbles can you put together so that they are all adjacent to each other?
- Try combining pairs of them, eg. triangles inside of circles. What happens?
- Now try 3D frames such as the shapes below, cubes, pyramids, octahedrons, dodecahedrons, icosahedrons, ect. Describe the bubbles created.
Bubble shapes Some shapes that we will be making tomorrrow:
- cubes
- pyramids
- octahedrons
- dodecahedron
- icosahedron
Here is a site that will help you understand surface tension, soap films, and minimal surface area, bubble.
Here is a cool video, watch around 1:15, it gets 'mathy' and cool.